Pigeon Chat


I’m at work, composing a miscellaneous email when my Pigeon Chat pops up. Violet, from America greets me, asking me how I’ve been. I stretch my arms above my head and take a deep breath. It’s been at least 6 months since I’ve talked to any of the America girls. I left the team early in the season with a change of job among other things. This change of tide did push me to rethink my 2-3 days a week training schedule plus games on the weekends. It was too much.

But Violet reaching out to me after so much time made me suspect one of two things: or they switched coaches again or they changed courts. I was half right on both; Nico had left and they were going to start training in Ciudadela.

“That’s far”, I thought, turning my head to the large pane window to the right of my desk.

Hebe continued chatting.

“If you ever think of coming back, you know you are always welcomed!”

Her warmth made me smile slowly. I thought of all the hours I put in traveling to Flores and going to games in provincia. Was I ready for that again?

“Thanks Hebe. If I do decide to return, I will let you know”

No, not for now. But something in me knew that if that time came, it would become so clear in my mind, it would be impossible to ignore. So, until that moment comes, I remain a loyal street baller, with no home.

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