New Coach

Women’s Basketball team in 1900s. Taken from

It has been about a month and a half since we started training. This includes running in Avellaneda Park, sprinting across the lower gym at the club and doing drills with and without the ball, developing our reflexes.

Something is different this year and the reason is obvious; our main coach left. There were no goodbyes, no explanations, nothing, just gone. I think all the girls were shocked, but it was mostly expressed in silence.

We had all been witnesses to what our previous coaches’ anger could do to a team. Now our assistant coach is training us and it has become a completely different group. We are actually beginning to work together and open up as a team to learn. We ask questions when we are shown sets. We communicate when something is done wrong and right.

The difference to me is astounding. I’m looking forward to see what this year has to bring to the female team at America del Sud.


2 responses to “New Coach

  1. Sounds like you’re in for a good year, Cynthia. Have fun 🙂

    Do you think the 1900s team are in their on-court or off-court uniforms? Wouldn’t fancy trying to run and jump, catch and throw a basketball in those outfits!

    • Hey Mark..yes, this year seems to be off to a fresh start. And I’m pretty sure those are their on-court uniforms. Yeah, they don’t look that comfortable..hehe, but I guess they were passionate about playing the sport and didn’t really care what they had to wear. 🙂 In comparison to those corsetes, maybe those uniforms were quite comfy..hehe.

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