Baller Terms

Basketball has a surprising array of vocabulary that has spread out and evolved on its own. I will add to this page when I encounter new words.

Pick – a play where the offensive player screens (blocks from the side) another defensive player, allowing room for their teammate to shoot or drive. Video by Basketball Tips

Boxing Out – defensive move close to the ring where the player positions his body between his opponent and the basket. It is usually used by post players and is useful to get rebounds. More info on Boxing Out.

“Next!” – what someone says when they reserve the next team spot that will play the winning team of the current game. Common in pick-up ball.

Twenty-One – This is famous shooting game; a great way to work on your shot and general quickness. The rules vary from place to place and person to person, but some basic rules remain: shots from the free-throw line are worth two, everything else is one point and the first person to reach twenty-one, wins. Here in Argentina, I notice there is the extra element of not letting the ball bounce more than once off the rebound.

American – Another classic court game that is great for working on dribbling and general toughness. Everyone is their own team: grab your own rebound, clear the ball at the 3-point line, and then do whatever you do best to score.

R.A.C. – The Ryerson Athletic Center, my university gym: a two level complex with the usual specs: weight room, a couple multi-purpose studios, two large gyms, and a swimming pool. I played basketball there, but it was also my workplace as a lifeguard and I could easily say that a large portion of my university life was spent in the university gym. Actually, I probably spent more time in the RAC than in my faculty building, playing basketball with men. I was the only woman playing basketball most of the time; there were a couple other girl ballers, but we didn’t talk or relate much.


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