On Monday we had our first practise of 2012. Thirteen girls accumulated around the entrance of our club and chattered until our Assistant Coach arrived. After walking to Avellaneda park, we settled in a grassy area, forming a circle. Our AC was full of energy and determined to infuse us with motivation:

“We are going to do a simple warm up, a run, and some strength exercises. I will explain each exercise and everyone has to measure how much of it they can do. If it feels uncomfortable, just ease it up a bit or just stop. I don’t want to hear whining and I don’t want to repeat myself. We all choose to be here because we enjoy what we do.”

The group went surprisingly quiet but I felt like his speech was necessary to draw in the focus of the group.

He added a last bit of important information: “And we won’t be touching a ball today.”

Practise wasn’t overly strenuous but definitely intense. I enjoyed running with my team even though the night air was heavy with humidity. Not much has changed in my team: during some sit-up exercises, I was hearing their never-ending gossip about the recent death of a model that died of overdose. I found out that one of my team (who wasn’t present) was getting married soon and was planning on having children. Also that a couple other absent team-mates were on vacation in Brazil.

I hope this year brings a new maturity to this team. And not just from the player’s point of view but from the coach’s side as well.

Over the summer I decided that I would only be going to two practices per week. I am really paying attention to how I will split up my time this year. At the end of last year I was feeling that I was giving more than receiving and it was not a positive feeling. So this year, I’m taking a step back and seeing how things play out.

I’m excited for this year’s basketball season.


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