One of my lone travels to Pueyrredon (before team dedications).

This past week I’ve been really questioning my belief in basketball. Or rather, my faith toward this sport that has changed my life in so many ways. From the beginning, I threw myself into a very slow learning process full of frustrations and challenges. Only recently have been able to order my priorities and realize that basketball is not at that top. That doesn’t make it less important, but less relevant in some ways. However, I maintain the belief that silence is just as important as the sound in music.

Despite all my struggles,the fact that it hasn’t been easy has brought me and basketball closer together. Like any intimate relationship, the deeper you get, the stickier and more interesting things get.

Even if I feel lost, I will continue going to practise. Even if I’m feeling particularly discouraged, I will put on my shorts and sports bra and get my butt out of the house and on a bus. I will focus during practise and just do my best. This sport is my religion, even if I don’t practise it everyday.


2 responses to “Faith

  1. Lacinti,
    Nicely said – goes for everything that’s a challenge. Like writing, too…keep the faith! Ever heard the song “Just One Victory” by Todd Rundgren?

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