Home game.

Fer's free throw.

I’ve been trying to build some sort of relationship with my coach at America del Sud. It has been an interesting task, although at times more challenging than I imagined. I’m learning how to handle his anger and outburst of yelling, which is a first time thing for me. I guess we are still getting to know each other and are testing each other’s boundaries.



“What I did just there…the block? Was that okay?”

Pause. “Yes! If you don’t hear from me, you’ve done something well. It is when you screw up… that is when you will hear about it.”

We’ve lost the last couple of games and at our last loss to Quilmes he slammed down his clipboard and yelled out many things. I suppose yelling could be motivational to some, but not all can take it that way. In my case, not taking it personally is my goal. Instead, I try to use it as a way to acknowledge errors and move on.

From day 1, I’ve recognized that a coach’s ability to motivate and inspire its players is key. There are many things my coach has said that have stayed with me:

“There shouldn’t be any greys in our actions. When we do things, we do them with confidence and without the fear of making mistakes. If we make a mistake, we do it with confidence. But if we play in the greys, we will not learn anything and get nowhere.”


“We are all on the same level here. Some players are one step above, others are one step below, but not one player on this team stands out. So, we have to learn to work together.”

I’m currently not playing in games, but from the bench I cheer encouragement and yell for defense. But no one will ever yell like my coach does.


4 responses to “Coach

  1. Cynthia,
    This is great storytelling!

    I laughed — Many military types respond well to male-testorone screaming…

    I’ll always remember the words of an early mentor who told me when I asked why he never so much as raised his voice, “the truly powerful never have to scream to show it.”

    Keep on writing!
    Big hug

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