The theme of stereotypes is a popular theme on my blog. Here are some conversations that have come up over the last couple of weeks revolving around this topic that made me laugh:

Girl: Honey, isn’t there a game on tonight? Lakers vs. Suns?

Boy: Hmm? .. I don’t know..why?

G: Because I wanted to watch the game.

B: Alright, but can we first watch this scene of Narnia and THEN watch the game?

Another example of this kind of thing came up with a recent phone call with a close friend:

Me: So, your boyfriend is away on a business trip, eh? That’s cool. How is your week going?

O: Great! I’m really enjoying all this free time and catching up on WOW (World Of Worldcraft). Tomorrow I have a raid I’m really looking forward too.

And, the last one:

Oso: Who do you want to choose as a third team member for the tournament?

Me: Probably one of the guys from Puey. Do you have anyone in mind? We’ll choose someone the next time we go.


Oso: And how about your teammates? Any options there?

Me: Well, I actually wanted to play with two men.

Oso: Why? Do you think that you are more likely to win with two men?

I think most of us are aware of the stereotypes. I’m learning that maybe I should stop worrying about the preconceptions and opinion of my neighbours and start paying more attention to my own.


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