A Loss and a Win

First Quarter

Julie's shot.


Last Sunday, my team El Talar played against Las Nuevas del Sur. Right before the game, Cate gave her little speech:

“I don’t want to hear negative talk. If one of us makes a mistake, we all make a mistake. If one of us scores, we all score. We all win and we all lose…together as a team.”

The game against Las Nuevas Del Sur was curious because of a few unfavorable court conditions: there was no overhead clock counting the game time (the score keepers where doing it by hand, I believe). Also, the floor surface was very slippery because of the heavy humidity and players on both teams were slipping and sliding all over the place.

In the first minutes of the game, Roxana fell and bumped her head on the floor. There was a general concern, but luckily it wasn’t too serious (Cate said she would send a complaint to ABA). Apart from these factors, the game was positive; we were playing consistently and with a good degree of focus. Cate made wise choices when it came to player changes and play suggestions. The final minutes were intense, but when the last second came, we all jumped up in joy, celebrating our 3rd win of pre-season.

The day before, I had gotten together with Cari, Vicky and a few other friends to watch Argentina vs. Germany. When the suffering was over, I watched some of the players mourn; Burdisso and Messi had tears rolling down their cheeks. I was slightly down for the rest of the day, but it got me thinking about a team’s mortality.

It does not matter the level of a sport, the league you are in, or even how much a player gets paid…the fact is simple: all teams lose.

This realization brought me down to earth in regard to my own team experience. I became aware of my interaction with other personalities on the court and how I judge certain players that I don’t necessarily get along with. I’m beginning to visualize teams like families; sometimes they fight, and other time they are very loving to one another. Sometimes they get along and other times they don’t. The truth is, all the different personalities are advantageous in different situations, and the challenge is to all come together (putting aside our differences in opinions and values) to make something amazing happen on the court.

I believe our team is learning that, as am I.

Cari's Freethrow



2 responses to “A Loss and a Win

  1. YO You look pro mannn!! woot woot look at you.. defending, making that shot (i think thats you..o_O;)
    It’s so awesome to hear about the growth of team work..on any team! I agree it is important. I remember playing soccer in mentor and our gym prof once said that connecting the team mentally is the basis for connecting the team on the court physically. Once you establish this kind of acceptance (what your coach was saying about no negative talk) you can really become an amazing team from there.
    So um, lol ya did u guys win…? (not that it matters of course hehe)
    p.s. you should get someone to shoot some vids of u guys playing and post it on utube – i’d love to see that. =)

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