“Very few players play for their jersey.”

My aunt’s voice was lined with a warning tone, as if she were saying words from the Bible.

After watching Argentina play a couple of World Cup games, I began to understand a little more of what she meant. Cari and I have gotten together for each one of the games, and even though we both know very little about soccer (or futbol), it became obvious to me that passion can be applied to any activity.

Watching Messi, Tevez, and Di Maria run, dive, and pour their hearts into each game was very inspirational. Their intense relationship with futbol was so evident and, in a funny way, it sparked my own relationship with my beloved sport.

During last Tuesday night’s practice, I went to save not 2, but 3 out-going balls which (later I thought) was not common. I got frustrated after losing a round of 4-on-4 full court and felt an emanating feeling of satisfaction after scoring a final point in a game. Although Carla continued scoring more than me on the court, I was grabbing more rebounds, up and over her head.

Another amazing quality I noticed some of these soccer stars have is the ability to bring out the passion in others. They light emotions in millions of fans all over the world, myself included (and I’m not even sure if I consider myself a fan).

During another practice, I felt that my team lacked drive. I was doing my best to infuse my own energy, but it wasn’t enough. Later I thought how I want to have that presence; to pull out that amazing intensity, not just in my game, but in all those around me.

Passion is something we are all born with, but few of us take the time to really understand our passions, nurture them, and cuddle with them.

This is definitely important, as an athlete, but can also be applied to any calling or vocation.


4 responses to “Passion

  1. I’ve been watching a lot of the games too. What I see, over and over, is how “hustle” is always an incredible motivator for others on a team – one guy hustling seems to jack up the rest of the team, more so than yelling and screaming…keep hustling!!!

  2. Great post! I also feel that passion is “contagious”, a passionate heart can “infect” others around them.

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