British Abstinence

Yesterday, while surfing the web, my eye caught a newspaper headline: “British soccer players in abstinence during the World Cup.”

After doing a bit of reading, this is what I discovered: the British players will have restricted contact with their partners and will be monitored by video cameras in their bedrooms. However, there is no scientific proof that having sex before a game takes a significant amount of juice from an athlete’s body to affect their skills, although the hormonal and psychological aspects haven’t been studied in as much depth.

The Argentine team will be allowed to have sex, but only on non-game days, with their regular partners, and without alcohol.

I find it intriguing that in other circumstances within society sexual abstinence can be seen as an extreme; yet for the World Cup, it is a very present reality. In any case, it isn’t so much the physical I’m interested in, but the mental. Can the act of making love take away from your focus? I believe this concentration is something professional athletes learn to flex as much as the muscles on their bodies.

“No sex before the game on Sunday!” Rosanna yelled out at the end of an intense practice last night. There were a couple of laughs, but I was left wondering how far the thirst for a win can push an athlete.

Thank you Cliff for inspiring me to write this post.

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3 responses to “British Abstinence

  1. ya that’s kinda crazy.. I think sex might actually HELP keep some of the players focus cuz it might take away some of the stress their feeling. But some coachs think otherwise.. like the Equador coach:
    “What we need is some basic rules so that our national team will have the maximum amount of concentration this summer. But, in the same time, we have to succeed in maintaining a certain balance within the team, which is why it is imperative that the players can relax freely”, said Luis Fernando Suarez, who said that sex can only harm Ecuador players during the competition.
    “harm”.. wow.. i think its kinda harsh.
    But theres always worse I guess.
    p.s. I heard in Korea their ONLY airing the games they win…o_O;;;

    • Crazy…i think physically it isn’t such a problem (unless you do an all night kinda thing)..mentally, I don’t know. Definitely long as there are no fights..hehe. Interesting that each country has its own take on the situation..hehe

  2. This came as a huge surprise to me–I thought this way of thinking went out with the Spartans! It was also believed by various Indian tribes in North America.

    Hey, what do I know? Maybe there’s some truth in sex sucking your energy, but I always believed the opposite!

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