The Soul of a Team

Gracias Karina C. por la foto. Me encanta que yo ya me habia sacado la remera y Ro la tiene puesta a reves.

On Sunday, a light rain started toward the end of our game to Villa de Mayo. After a sad loss of 21-34, it was pouring so hard that water was dripping into the court. Cari, Diana, and I decided to wait it out a bit and I think we made a good choice; ten minutes later it started to hail and pellets the size of golf balls were dropping out of the sky. The noise from the pellets hitting the tin roof of the gym was so loud, conversation was limited to yelling. In those moments, I couldn’t stop thinking about where we went wrong…

During the game Cate kept telling us that we weren’t defending hard enough, we weren’t using the court space properly, and most importantly, we weren’t passing the ball.

“You are all waiting to see what the other person will do,” she yelled at us during half time. I was listening to her and at the same time feeling out the energy of the team. No electricity, no charge…we were all dead.

After the storm passed, me and Cari took the bus home. I watched the light drizzle from my seat, and questions still buzzed in my mind. I expressed some of them to Cari:

“How do you zone in on the problems of a team? I realize that there are many factors, but how do you identify the issues? What is our team lacking? Where is the key for us to come together and work as a team, not as individual players?”

Cari left my questions unanswered for a while, only creating silence, and letting me hear my own voice saying these words. I turned again to my drop stained window.

After awhile she spoke in English, “Finding the soul of the team.” Her words didn’t answer any of my questions directly, but rather acted as a counterweight to my mood and mind.

We rode the rest of the way mostly in silence, isolated by our own thoughts and feelings.


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