First Game

Este post esta dedicado a todas las chicas de mi equipo, ahora que saben de este blog.

On Sunday, April 11th my team, El Talar, played our first game of the season to Argentina Juniors. We lost, with the final score being 51 -43. Monday night’s practice prefaced with Cate asking the team to communicate their feelings on the game. She is our coach, but she wasn’t able to make it to the game since she had to coach another team at the same scheduled time. I listened to everyone’s comments.

“The problem was,” Ro started, “our replacement coach didn’t know us. There were moments in the game where there was disorganization.”

La Russa agreed: “The coach was a nice guy, but he came late and he was learning our names at the same time as showing us plays.”

“He was pretty cute though,” the other Cynthia* said with a smile.

Carla cut in: “We started out great! We were calm and focused. And then we started rushing and everything fell apart by the 3rd quarter.” She continued, “He was showing us some great plays but I’m not sure if everyone understood them, especially in the middle of the commotion of a game.”

“I personally believe,” Ro said, “that the only reason a player should leave the court is if they are physically feeling ill. Otherwise, you have to stick it out…even if you think you are bringing down the team.” Ro said and some eyes wandered the circle.

The focus broke off and everyone shared their opinions about the topic with their neighbour. Cate managed to bring order back by raising her voice: “Carina wants to say something…”

The team’s attention turned turned to Carina: “I personally like how the coach dealt with the situation, keeping in mind the fact he just walked in, didn’t know anyone and just did his best-”

“I think he gave us some great plays,” Carla interrupted, “and when we did run his plays, they worked, right?” She turned to la Russa, “But how many times were we able to do them? Once..twice?”

After over 20 minutes of team talk, the conclusion remained that more work needed to be done. It was decided we would have another training night, specifically dedicated for learning plays. The other nights would be more for physical training.

I felt good during and after practice; the energy was light and positive. I believe our first game brought the team closer together and I’m looking forward to our next game against Villa de Mayo this weekend.

*There are two: Cinthia and a Cynthia on the team. There are also 5 Karinas.

Photography by Natalia Real.


4 responses to “First Game

  1. Hi Cin! This is really great! you are a true writer! Congratulation! I cannot wait for reading more about our games 🙂

  2. nice ball pics!! Go team Talar! XD lol
    and honestly, winning isn’t everything. You can gain a lot from lost games too.. =)

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